"Act one seems a little slow to start, but soon picks up pace with the arrival of Ben Richards as over blown, over sexed, rock god, Stacee Jaxx. Richards owns the stage from that point on, totally convincing as the egotistical front man of rock band Arsenal." The Public Review (read full review)


"The real ace in the hole was Ben Richards. Mr Richards is actually sickeningly talented - a wonderful actor and singer who absolutely drips with charisma and is totally on the money as Masterson." Stuart Robinson Yorkshire Evening Post

"Ben Richards sets many female hearts fluttering as the show's leading character Sky Masterson. Richards has one of those voices that brings you out in goosepimples and his duet with Louise Dearman is one of those duets you wish could go on forever." Rick Bowen Manchester Community News.

"Ben Richards' performance as Sky Masterson was like a masterclass on 'how to' for an all singing/dancing musical male lead." Lorna Doran icWales

"One man who does have it all is the delightful Ben Richards as Sky Masterson. Once you see past his chiseled exterior you appreciate that despite appearances in the biog classic Holby City and the not quite RSC Footballers' Wives, Richrds shows signs of musical theatre training and natural talent. " Amy Stackhouse Theatre in Wales


"Casting young Ben Richards is an inspired choice. With his devastating good looks, strong acting and powerful singing he takes total command of the stage as angry young Jerry Lukowski." Roger Foss Whats On


"Danny Zuko is given everything the character needs by Ben Richards, who proves that acting is acting whether you are Romeo or Konstantin in The Seagull or Danny Zuko. You will gather by the foregoing Mr Richards is totally splendid in a richly detailed performance which is a joy to watch." Richard Edmonds Birmingham Evening News


"There will never be another Travolta of course but you can tell that Richards isn't simply a replacement for (Adam) Garcia. He's a better singer, even a better dancer and while young Adam played the role for cheeky laughs, Ben gives it a cocky sexiness. With Ben Richards doing such a great job, it'll be staying alive for at least another year." - Simon Button The Source

"Ben Richards as Tony, sex in tight trousers from his very first hip-gyrating saunter down the stage. For once, he's a romantic lead with charisma who can actually sing and dance, like few others you've ever seen." Alan Hulme Manchester Evening News

"It must be difficult to follow in the footsteps of the originator of the role but for my money Ben outshines the original. Ben is a good actor and his dancing is everything you would expect to see in a world class show." Clive Fuller Encore.



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